Are you ready to recruit a massive army, and learn all the best kept secrets in network marketing recruiting? 90 Days Guaranteed by Mike Papadopoulos, is the only book of it’s kind that teaches you a guaranteed proven method to recruit 90 people in 90 Days!

90 Recruits in 90 Days reveals the following:

  • Unconventional Techniques For Network Marketing Recruiting
  • How to recruit 10, 20, 30, or as many as 50 recruits every month
  • How to get people to contact you

Network Marketing Recruiting

Imagine the feeling of having your phone ring off the hook every day with people wanting to know about your opportunity.  The simple techniques in this guide will show you how to get people to contact you, interested in what you have to offer.  And, after reading this guide, you will know how to overcome some of the most common objections that we may face when dealing with a potential recruit.

“I have personally seen Mike implement this sales process with two different companies. The highlight was seeing him recognized in front of 80,000 people for his hard work. Mike is a new breed of recruiters and one of the best in the country.”  –  Jon L., AT&T

“I cannot believe how easy it is to recruit. This book has shed an incredible light on the mystery of recruiting. I’m on track to recruiting my seventeenth person this month.”  –  Alice P., Atlanta, GA

“I personally sponsored 20 new recruits thirty days after reading this book; and now I am having them read the book. This will be a phenomenon!”  –  Michael A., Anderson, SC

Not only will you get concepts from this guide, but I also have taken these proven techniques and created some valuable scripts that you can follow, word-for-word, during your phone calls.  I am so confident that this guide will work for you, I offer a double your money back guarantee (see page 70 for details). You can’t go wrong!

Our Double Your Money Back Guarantee

“We guarantee that by utilizing the techniques in this book you will recruit 90 people in 90 days – or we’ll double your money back!”**

Benefits of Owning 90 Recruits in 90 Days Guaranteed

  • Develop A Massive Downline With Proven Network Marketing Recruiting Techniques!
  • Go outside the box of traditional warm network marketing recruiting to,
  • Recruit you way to Freedom!
Network Marketing Recruiting Guide

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**90 Recruits in 90 Days – Guaranteed Money Back Guarantee Disclosure:

In order to qualify for the “double your money back guarantee”, you must show proof of exact amount of phone calls made, as noted in the book, that were made during the 90 day consecutive time frame. Amount of phone calls made are equal to, or greater than 50 (calls per day) X 5 (days per week ) X 12 (weeks) = 3000 calls. Also, proof that scripts were followed, as per the guidelines of this book. Once proof has been provided, and most of the calls made to prospects have been verified by our team, and we are satisfied that indeed, calls were made to prospects, and script uses are verified, then a refund will be generated within 6 – 8 weeks after receipt of the book purchased is returned. All refunds must be requested in writing no sooner than 90 days after purchase of book, and no later than 120 days after purchase of book. Original receipt must be provided at the time of refund request. One refund per family, per book purchased.